Laser teeth whitening course: Start up Option 1. Business package for 2 people

€2,995.00 €1,595.00

This fantastic business opportunity 50% off this month only, now only 1595 euro. see what you get below.  Training onsite or in our state of the art clinic.  Training provided in Ireland and England and now online.  Best training , best technology and best gels in the market place today.  Chose No.1 to set up your Teeth whitening Practice up under a fantastic brand and business model.

Fantastic business opportunity onsite training provided or online. Email  us at for our catalogue and more information.

1. laser machine 1 year warranty  German make not cheap chinese imports, ( also be careful what machine you purchase call us for more information on Machines and how to get the best on the Market)

2.. Pair of glasses

3. Enough gels for 50 patients

4.  5 take home kits

5. 5 foam

6. 5 cheek retractors

7. Training manual

8 Certification and Training

9. Marketing material and images

10. Aftercare and consent forms

11. Full Days training and ongoing support

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Product Description

Option 1 Business package:    Only €1595.00.  Special offer 50% off this month only  Training for 2 persons

  1. Laser teeth whitening machine 1 years warranty , 50,000 hours . German make, computer on board (not to be compared to cheap chinese imports)
  2. Starter pack of gels will do 50 patients (recoup investment, can make 4000k of this)
  3. 5 lip retractors
  4. Pair of protective glasses
  5. Aftercare and Consent forms
  6. 2 Take Home kits
  7. 2 Whitening foam
  8. Certification
  9. Training manual
  10. Marketing Poster and images
  11. Full training and back up and support. Training onsite or available online.
  12. professional shade guide
  13. Training for 2 persons