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All Our machines have a 1 years . If anything should go wrong we replace and fix you machine as soon as possible. We realise that there is nothing more annoying than having lots of patients booked in and your machine stops working.   Our turn around time to fix machines is second to none. Lamps are extremely durable ( 50,000 hours and built to do many patients uplike many machines on the market today) but we are there to help if anything should go wrong and take the stress out of fixing your machine. We have offices in England and Ireland. business1

LED Whitening Light (Dual-purpose)


  • Wireless use available. When fully recharged, the machine can be used for 1 hour for wireless use.
  • Dual-purpose available The system can be used as standing light moved freely, or a desk light to save space.
  • Emission time: 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, by modes
  • High quality pipe design for you to adjust the angle randomly.
  • The 3-LED in the left/center/right side are divided into 3 grades: High, Medium and Low. Patient’s canine and pre-molar can also enjoy perfect whitening with the equal source of light.
  • 6 powerful LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light.
  • LCD screen shows all the information for better communication between the dentist and the patient

LED Whitening Light (Dual-purpose)

Technical Information: Packing Size(inner): 82*35*16cm N.W.: 8kg,   G.W.: 11kg Interface: color LCD Light source: LED cooling blue light Output wavelength: 410-490nm Input power: 100-240v, 50/60Hz

Portable LED Lamp

Teeth Whitening unit that is a fantastc strong light that is ideal for any dental practice.  Features:  1、Portable design can be connected to the dental unit. 2、LED lamp,much faster and better whitening result than any other machine on the market today. 3、Three light output programs for customer choice, the light source of the light holder can be adjusted at 360°

Portable LED lamp

Portable LED lamp


Futura Whitening Lamp

The Futura comes with a case for Mobile Teeth whitening. The body and the head are each cut out of solid blocks of aluminum. When you touch it, you feel nothing but quality. It has 8 powerful 3W blue LEDs for a total of 24W, making it the most powerful LED teeth whitening light ever designed. We could have gone with weaker or fewer LED's, but we wanted nothing but the best for this lamp, no matter what the cost. Although it was designed for the most discriminating dentists, the beauty industry is using it to impress their clients and give them stunningly white teeth. High power is important for 2 reasons: 1) for dentists it allows them to cure the gingival barrier they use more quickly, in the case of the Futura in under 1 minute, and 2) such powerful LEDs actually warm up the gel slightly allowing it to work more effectively. The blue light is cold, but the LEDs give off just enough heat to raise the temperature of the gel to the optimal temperature. These LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours, which means that if they were on 24 hours a day they would last over 10 years. Since you’ll typically only use it a few hours a day, they should last over 100 years.

Futura 2400 with flash memory

Futura 2400 with flash memory

The Futura is truly a high-tech product. this is the first teeth whitening light with a computer inside. With several ports still unused on the mother-board, it allows us to add functionality in the future. It uses flash memory, which means the software is upgradeable, so when we decide to add new features this will be possible. Call today or email us at info@thewhiteningcompany.com for more information on the machine that is best for you.

 Advanced Polus  II Whitening Machine

The Future of Power Teeth Whitening has Arrived:

Advance Polus II


For further information or queries about our systems, email us at info@thewhiteningcompany.com.

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