For Dentists



For Dentists/Doctors we can provide you 16% c/p equivalent to 6% H2O2. Our whitening gels offer zero Sensitivity and maximum whiteness. Our brand would be one of the best on the market place excellent for overnight trays and in office treatments.

We also have our pillow box designed kits that you can add your own impression tray to give your clients   with our 10ml syringes. Offering an excellent take home kit. See testimonials and video.

Our Pearl white Toothpaste would be the best on the market place and has calprox a deep stain remover we offer both normal and sensitivity toothpaste

Our Teeth whitening lights are excellent for any dental chair (see our systems) and we cater for bulk orders on any of our gels and products.

Portable LED Lamp attached to dental chair.  Dental Office Teeth Whitening start up Package only 775.00 euro.  See shop for products.
Teeth Whitening unit that is a fantastic strong light that is ideal for any dental practice. Features: 1、Portable design can be connected to the dental unit. 2、LED lamp,much faster and better whitening result than any other machine on the market today. 3、Three light output programs for customer choice, the light source of the light holder can be adjusted at 360° 1 year warranty on machine.

Start up package includes

1. Includes Professional shade guide

2. Pack of gels for 20/25 patients

3. Poster and Dvd to play in waiting room

4.2 Take home kits

5. 2 Whitening foam

6. consent forms and aftercare notes

7. 5 cheek retractors


For more information and on our gels and machines email for our catalogue.