Setting up your Teeth whitening Business.

If you are already doing teeth whitening, or interested in it. We provide everything to make you Teeth Whitening Venture a success.  We provide Training in Ireland the U.k and worldwide online training one to one and group seesions.  We provide nothing but premium products to get the best results for your clients and professional training offering the best in business practice.  We at The whitening Company have over 15 years experience in the industry and our mission is to help clients achieve the best teeth whitening business possible, with all the expertise and wealth of knowledge at their disposal. Whether it is In office Teeth whitening, home whitening or mobile Teeth whitening,  We can answer any questions you many have. from set up costs, to the legalities, to your own personal branding, our customer service and aftercare support is what sets us apart.  Where else can you get the best Training, Best technology, best products, your own branding and Snap click veneers under one roof. Our expert team is there to help you, and put on the right track and help grow your business every step of the way.  With our fantastic online and in-clinic courses you can be reassured you will have the confidence and expertise to make your teeth whitening business a complete success and go from strength to strength. 

Increase you business tenfold with your own branded products e.g. having your own take home kit for with your business branded on it, (minimum orders required).  


According to statistics, an adult smiles up to 20 times a day. Potential adult target audience for cosmetic whitening is enormous. With the low cost of treatment, potential clients soon become your customers. Customers from 14 to 80 can have their teeth whitened and now we train in Covid 19 procedures that is 100% safe that you do not have to go near the customer.


Watch out for your target audience in beauty salons, cosmetic centres, fitness and wellness clubs. These are your target groups: people who care about their health and their looks. You don’t have to explain to them that teeth whitening can change their smile and their image. Customers come back time and time again and what your aftercare products for maintenance.


Teeth whitening is a billion pound industry and you can now be a part of this exciting industry.  We can help your company offer your own branded products, offer snap click veneer and laser teeth whitening all under one roof.  Using our own experience, over 15 years and our fantastic training and expertise with complete back up and support throughout we can make sure your teeth whitening venture will be a success in this extremely popular market segment. It is trendy to be good-looking and healthy and this is a repeated business were you customers come back time and time again.

Laser Teeth Whitening Machines, Whitening Gels & Training

Our laser whitening machines range from Class 1 A medical devices to fantastic durable mobile LED systems. We have set up clinics in shopping malls to Dental practices.  Our Training programs are in-depth and second to none and we will  make sure you are setting up  your practice with complete back up and support. We provide full maintenance on all machines and our technicians take care of any problems that may  occur, all machines come with a two year warranty.  Ours gels feature on the RTE 1 consumer show and guarantee your customers completely safety on all products  Fully EU compliant products with full toxicology and safety reports on all products.  Covid 19 safe treatments with both teeth whitening and snap click veneers that you do not have to go near the customer.

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Competitive Prices and start up packages.

Our competitive prices help your business grow and we have various  start up packages to help you get started or even have your products branded.   Ask for our catalog today and our  sales &  support team will get in touch with you.  Our training for laser teeth whitening and snap click veneer courses are competitively priced both online and in-clinic training.  We have a variety of start up package to meet all budgets.  So let us help you today get started with the back up and support you need to get your new business venture underway.

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