Best Business Practice and whitening Tips.

We have had a lot of customer/clients asking us how to achieve best results in Teeth whitening.

1. Activator Spray

Apply activator spray with finger brush up or foam swab only one spray. Create foam this cleans the teeth and prepares the tubules.

2. Gel Application

Apply gel not too thick, not too thin to teeth for three twenty minutes cycles. Activator spray for each cycle.  The gel and foam evaporate so it needs three cycles for best results.  The activator spray cleans the teeth  removing the pellicle and preparing the tubules and creates a foam which reacts with the gel and helps break down the stain molecule within the tooth.

3. White Diet

Advise Clients on white diet for 24/48 hours extremely important not just because tubules are wide open but gel still working on teeth.  Then after white diet there is slight re-absorption of air and water and teeth fad back about ½ a shade.  Clients must do take home kit for 20/30 minutes (not overnight) for 3 days in a row to continue bleaching the teeth.  Then once every two weeks or once a month to maintain teeth at the maximum. Clients who do not like kits can use the whitening foam or toothpaste to maintain maximum whiteness and avoid fad back issues.  But for best results and deep whiteness after one week this is the only way to achieve maximum results with a deeper whiteness and customer satisfaction.  Take home kits are also stand alone kits for customers and if used 7 days in a row only 20/30 minutes a day with achieve on average  6 to 7 shades whiter.

4. Clients with thick Enamel/ severe staining

Clients with thick enamel or severe staining may sometimes need to be brought back in for a top up and then be advised they most follow step three. Clients who follow above procedure their teeth will remain at their maximum for over a year if they do not wish to follow best business practice then they will have to do top ups every 4  to 6 months depending on their oral hygiene.

5. Clients with extremely dense Dentine/ poor mineral content

A very small percent of clients with extremely dense dentine and strong yellow coloring may not get above the four shades even after being brought in again for another treatment.  Odds are their Teeth can not be whitened by any means e.g. antibiotic damage, fluorosis or poor mineral content.

6. How White a clients teeth will go depends on their mineral content

Each client will obviously have different thickness and severity of staining and the procedure will vary from client to client. The  Age of clients and mineral content in the dentine are the other important factors on how white client’s teeth will go.  The whiteness of client’s eyes is usually a good indication of how white their teeth should go.  The younger a client the better their mineral content. So all procedures should be adapted according to their requirements.

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