Why offer teeth whitening

There are many reasons to offer teeth whitening and The whitening company is No . 1 to help you become part of this exciting and profitable industry.


Billion Pound Industry

Teeth whitening is a 12 billion pound industry and is probably one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the market place today. It is safe, affordable and crosses all demographics. Anyone from the age to 14 to 80 years of age now can have their Teeth whitened. All our products have full
toxicology and safety reports and are fully EU compliant and you can make over large profit margins on our products alone.

Very low investment

For a small investment there are hugh profits margins to be made within the teeth whitening industry. At the whitening company we can set you up for as little as €1000.00 and you can start making over 80,000 euro  a year with just 3 customers a day. With repeated business and home whitening products to upsell this is an extremely lucrative and excellent business opportunity that anyone can now do. Email us today on info@thewhiteningcompany.com for your information pack and the various packages we have on offer.



We help with marketing and set up and have helped over 100 clinics set up successful practices.

We have the expertise and know what it takes to have a successful clinic/practice. And what sets us apart from other services is that we provide a successful business model and template to hit the ground running. From websites to a fantastic product range the whitening company is no.1 in the teeth whitening industry. Call our head office for more information. We provide marketing materials DVDs full training and certification etc.

Great business opportunity and successful business model

Be part of this wonderful industry and make people feel good about themselves whether you are a beauty salon trying to build your dental practice or what to become a distributor we can help you every step on the way and are there with full back up and support throughout. Our product range is second to none and we consider the best in the market place today offer best results to your clients with 100% no sensitivity guaranteed. Our whitening gels offer Zero sensitivity and Maximum whiteness and have only the highest dental grade materials. Be part or a Team that helps you from start to finish on the road to a successful teeth whitening venture. Call today or Email us at info@thewhiteningcompany.com for our catalogue and information pack.