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Eu Compliant Gel. 5 x 10 ml SYRINGE Pack with 5 Activator spray & nibs (Enough for 25 patients) AS SEEN ON THE RTE 1 CONSUMER SHOW


Enough for  25/30 patients, comes with 5 activator bottles nibs and 5 large 10ml syringes.  Best whitening gel on the market today. Full toxicology and safety reports on all gels.  Fully EU compliant, zero sensitivity maximum whiteness.  As seen on the RTE 1 consumer show.

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Product Description

5 times 10ml pack with 5 activator spray bottles and application nibs.  Will do approximately 25/30 Clients in office laser teeth whitening procedures. Excellent value.  As seen on the RTE 1 consumer show.

Introducing the best Eu Compliant  teeth whitening gel on the market today. 0.1% H2O2  Zero sensitivity Maximum whiteness.
The product is unlike any product ever sold in the EU, fantastic results and comes with full toxicology and safety reports which are now need by Eu law.  Buy now you should realize the New Eu laws have come into effect from October 31st 2012 so if you don’t have a registered Dentist on site you must use only 0.1 % H202 gels for teeth whitening.  But the results are excellent with this special formula and activator spray you will be amazed by the results Clients don’t have to deal with any sensitivity issues and we also supply  Take home kits and pens whitening foam which are all fully Eu compliant  100% no sensitivity and fantastic whitening results.

This revolutionary product is the only has a special formula that brings teeth to their maximum whiteness.
How does it work?
Like most other whitening gels, this has a special formula that contains oxidizing agents that are the key to teeth whitening with an activator spray to maximise results. The oxidizing agent penetrates the porous element of the tooth enamel and break down stains that block light and cause dis-colouration. Further treatment allows the oxidizing agents to penetrate into the dentin layer (underneath the tooth enamel) removing deeply embedded stains that have built up over time.
The whitening agent is activated by the use of a LED blue light system in three 20 minute slots. Depending on severity of staining and thickness of the enamel. some clients may need more time and should be sent home with a take home kit and good whitening toothpaste.   After this treatment has been completed, customers would receive short top up sessions every 6 to 12 months depending on their diet and lifestyle. And advised on take home kits and toothpaste on how to maintain their teeth at their maximum whiteness.

Is it safe?
This whitening gel is the safest professional teeth whitening system on the market today and used by dentist and cosmeticians through Europe.   The ingredients are blended to a safe strength that still provides quality results. With no peroxide, chlorine dioxide or bleaching agents, this product will not cause any unwanted sensitivity, or damage the gums it has been Safety Assessed and is fully compliant with EU Health & Safety Regulations. Full toxicology and safety reports 100% no sensitivity guaranteed.

Does it produce quality results?
The Gel has been tried and tested around the world with exceptional results! Results recorded have been from 4 -10 shades lighter. The important thing to remember about this product is that it is completely EU compliant comes with full toxicology and safety reports and all syringes are clearly labelled. .
Apply pre-treatment spray (2/3 sprays onto batonet application swab) to teeth to create a foam.  Then apply the Whitening Gel to the teeth.  Three 20 minutes cycles, doing same process three times for maximum results. More time may be needed or brought back in for a top up for clients with severe staining really thick enamel or poor mineral content.   Always advise on take home kit and whitening toothpaste for aftercare and maintenance.

Not only do we guarantee the best results, but we have the lowest prices on this Product in the Market place.  If not happy with this product we will give full refund. Fully EU compliant with batch numbers and expiry dates as needed by law/
1. EU compliant, ensuring highest quality and standards. Full toxicology and safety reports on all gels.  This is needed by law now, any other gels that don’t have the appropriate strength and full reports are not deemed legal. (See EU Directive)
2. Multi-Action Formula
3. Supplied in high-end dispensing syringes that will not degrade over time.
4. Gel is highly stable and will last for more than 9 months without refrigeration and at least 2 years with refrigeration.