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We are professional teeth whitening experts with over 10 years experience within the industry. We are extremely passionate about our industry and feel we offer the best products/technology and course in the market today.   We are a one stop shop for all supplies and services offering; Teeth whitening, training courses, online and in our centres/clinic.  We supply all aftercare products, teeth whitening Gels, laser teeth whitening machines, take home kits, teeth whitening Pens and  teeth whitening foam (see shop for products) Email us for our catalog today and our start up packages. We also cater for large bulk orders and personal labeling.

What makes us unique to other companies apart from our Training programs,  we instill best business practice to get maximum results for your customers and add value to your company.  We have successful running clinics and a wealth of knowledge on what works and does not work.  We can brand your products and make them fully Eu compliant and ad value to your Teeth whitening business. At the whitening company we can provide you with expert training and advise on setting up your own teeth whitening venture.  . We have marketing expertise, a successful  business model with  full back up and support, 6 days a week, long after your training with ourselves.  Whether its creating your own products or setting up a mobile Teeth whitening business, or you wish to just have your staff trained in your existing practice, we will help you every step of the way.  But don't just take our word for it, see our Testimonials with 100's of successful Teeth whitening clients set up. Most of our clients are earning 70k to 90k per year and large distributors even more.  Teeth whitening is a billion pound industry and you can now become part of this exciting industry to.

All our products and machines are EU compliant and CE approved and we have full toxicology and safety reports on all our gels (Our gels featured  on the RTE 1 consumer). Toxicology and safety reports  are  needed by law and you need to be very careful you are not using inferior products or products that do not meet EU regulations.  

Call one of our Agents today and get more information on what start up package or training course suits you best. Our highly trained and professional staff are at hand for any questions you may have.  

As featured on RTE's - The Consumer Show

The whitening company wish to strive for the highest of standards within the Teeth whitening industry and are constantly developing our product ranges.  Only using best business practice and the safest methods will you   guarantee customer satisfaction and repeated business.

                             WHY CHOSE US

Not only are we extremely passionate about what we do, we want your business to be as successful as possible. We  have over 10 years experience within the Teeth whitening industry and our mission is to set up and provide clients with the best  Teeth whitening  practice  available on the market today. Fantastic Teeth whitening training courses both online and onsite will prepare you in the best  possible way to make your business a success.   We now also train and specialize in Cosmetic Snap Click Veneers.  This fantastic product/course is a great add on to any practice for clients with missing teeth, anti-biotic staining and fluorosis, clients who may not be suitable for whitening.

Starting your own business can be sometimes a daunting task but that is why we are there to help you every step of the way.   Unlike other brand names who's gels and products are just inferior we offer first class training onsite or in our state of the art clinic.  The Whitening Company with our successful clinics is a brand and company you can rely on.  We pride ourselves on our first class training , customer service and aftercare,  quality service/products  at a reasonable price.

We are very proud of our aftercare and customer service which is available to you 6 days a week.  We are there to support you years after your training course has finished.  We give 1 years warranty on all machines and fix any problems within a 3 to 5 working days. 

Call us today and find out which start up package suits your needs best.


We have a set up over 100 different clinics and have a successful business model and brand name that can work for you.  For existing teeth whitening practices, we guarantee the best products at the best prices, with a quick and speedy delivery. (see shop for products)

You can now buy directly online or contact us for  bulk orders and discount prices.  Find out which start up package suits your needs best.  We now cater for personal labeling on products minimum order 1000.  We can help you bring a product to market complying with all EU regulations, have your own personal brand.  We have the the skill and expertise to make your products EU compliant and meet all legal requirements to sell in Europe.  Allow 6 to 8 weeks  turn around time to have your own personalised products made.  Call or email us  today to see what we can do for you and your business.

         Advantages to Purchasers

  • Successful Partnership, were we feel all parties will benefit. We have the expertise to help you set up a successful  Teeth whitening clinic.
  • We instill best business practice, over 7 years experience.  Training to the highest of standards within the industry. Best machines class 1A Medical devices.
  • Best products for best results, whitening Gels take home kits whitening foam. Fully EU compliant Full toxicology and safety reports needed by law. Featured on The RTE consumer show. 
  • Understand the legalislation within the industry. Keep your business safe.
  • All marketing materials supplied, pull up stand, flyers and Dvd to play in waiting room.
  • We have many packages on offer to meet your budget. Whether it coming under a brand with your own website and clients sent to you we can help you hit the ground running.
  • Bulk orders available.(Discount Prices) personal labeling and branding, watch your business grow. Make your products EU compliant and have full toxicology and safety reports on your own brand.  We can cater for orders 10,000 and more.  Minimum order 1000 pieces for personalized branding.
  • Ongoing back up and support and training,  6 day customer support we are only an email away.
  • Training onsite or in our state of the art clinic. See a successful clinic in operation.
  • Digital marketing expertise, Face book over 15,000 likes.  We know what works and what does not.
  • 1 years warranty on all machines. We fix and replace machines. 
  •  Tips and ideas and updates on new products and what’s new on the market.  Brand awareness and various trade shows and wedding fairs.

Find out more about our various packages and how we can put you in the right direction to make your Teeth whitening business a success.  For our catalogue and further information on all packages available.  Email us at the 

Start today to be part of this exciting and profitable industry and be part of a Team that works for your success.