Whitening Machine

LED Whitening Light



  • Wireless use available.
  • When fully recharged, the machine can be used for 1 hour for wireless use.
  • Dual-purpose available
  • The system can be used as standing light moved freely, or a desk light to save space.
  • Emission time: 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, by modes
  • High quality pipe design for you to adjust the angle randomly.
  • The 3-LED in the left/center/right side are divided into 3 grades: High, Medium and Low.
  •  Patient’s canine and pre-molar can also enjoy perfect whitening with the equal source of light.
  • 6 powerful LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light.
  •  LCD screen shows all the information for better communication between the dentist and the patient




Packing Size(inner): 82*35*16cm
N.W.: 8kg,   G.W.: 11kg
Interface: color LCD
Light source: LED cooling blue light
Output wavelength: 410-490nm
Input power: 100-240v, 50/60Hz

All Our machines have a 2 years warranty. If anything should go wrong we replace and fix you machine as soon as possible. We realise that there is nothing more annoying than having lots of patients booked in and your machine stops working.   Our turn around time to fix machines is second to none. Lamps are extremely durable( over 50,000 hours and built to do many patients uplike many machines on the market today) but we are there to help if anything should go wrong and take the stress out of fixing your machine. We have offices in England and Ireland.

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